Facebook app tracks iPhone movements.

Because they aren't creepy enough, Facebook have been found to be using the accelerometer on iPhones to track all their owners' movements. Just delete your account.

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The psychedelic jelly.

Note: playing video here may allow YouTube to track you across sites. View at source.

Another hypnotising piece of footage captured by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Insitute.

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Redu, Belgium and the slow death of paper books.

Redu is a village in the south of Belgium that's famous for its many bookshops. As physical book sales die, the village is dying alongside them. Some locals are trying new things though.

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Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen.

“Obesity is not a medical epidemic – it’s a social epidemic. We have bad food, for example, and so people are getting fat.” The way we live changed dramatically – our food supply changed, and we built cities that are hard to walk or cycle around, and those changes in our environment led to changes in our bodies. We gained mass, en masse. Something similar, he said, might be happening with the changes in our attention.

Johann Hari believes we now need an attention movement to reclaim our minds and I definitely agree. I've felt this theft of my attention too.

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The overpromise of tech.

An interesting look at the hype cycle in the tech world using the Theranos story as a starting point.

More generally, many of us have become ground down by tech’s promise to radically rewrite our future, only to find that it’s little more than a rebranding of the past imbalances, designed to supplant one controlling power with another.
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Stop facial recognition algorithms from using your photos.

Fawkes is a piece of software that modifies your photos in a non-visible way to stop facial recognition models from indexing them and associating them with you. Basically poisoning the machine-learning well.

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