Experience: I built my own pancreas

Amazing. And shared with the world.

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Public Barefoot Parks in Europe

I didn’t know about these parks. I would love to experience one. Added to the bucket list.

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Brutalist cuckoo clocks

I’d love one. Probably way over my budget though.

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Books to give us hope

My “want to read” list just got bigger.

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Barcelona is leading the fightback against smart city surveillance

Reversing the smart city paradigm. Barcelona is moving from the surveillance capitalism model, where data is opaque and owned by subcontractors and third parties, to a model where citizens own their data.

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Collateral Damage: Dance music and orchestras don’t mix

“if the establishment is really interested in taking club music seriously, it might consider throwing some money at the culture rather than airlifting it to the safety of publicly funded arts organisations”

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