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Small vehicles of Tokyo.

A visual catalogue of the many small vehicles found in Tokyo streets where the automobile is rarely seen. We could do with more of these around here.

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I held out as long as I could but I finally upgraded my iPhone 6s to a 13 mini. To be honest, the camera and battery life are better but, for my use anyway, it's not that much of a change. There's definitely work to be done on hardware obsolescence, be it deliberate or not.

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California's vanishing hippie utopias.

Fascinating look at the remnants of California’s hippie communes and the few hardcore idealists, now in their 70s or 80s, still living the dream.

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Don't Upgrade Your Phone (Yet!)

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Do you need a new phone or can you just replace the battery instead?

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Covid doesn't infect people, it infects cells.

Charles Stross on our inner representation of Covid-19:

COVID19 infects human (and a few other mammalian species—mink, deer) cells: it doesn't recognize or directly interact with the superorganisms made of those cells.

By antropomorphising it and acting defiantly through mask or vaccination refusal, there's a will to be defiant in the face of some imaginary, sentient, enemy rather than the faceless, emotionless, little spiky blob it is.

People construct supernatural explanations for observed phenomena, and COVID19 is an observable phenomenon, so we get propitiatory or defiant/adversarial responses, not rational ones.

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