Essays that became books.

One of the best ways to find good things to read is to look for the essays that were so good that they eventually became books.

An interesting list of essays that eventually became books, with links to both. I've read a few and, honestly, the essay is usually fine. Non-fiction books have a tendency to add filler in order to hit a minimum page count.

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How palm oil ended up in everything.

An interesting history of palm oil and its presence in an obnoxious amount of processed products, not just food.

Campaigners tend to be more hostile towards palm oil than towards other tropical products such as cocoa and soy which also pose threats to ecosystems. He suggests that this hostility comes down to the fact that ‘palm oil is perceived as being in things, rather than a thing in its own right.’
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The oldest house in Antwerp. The oldest house in Antwerp.
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Spite buildings.

I thought I'd mentioned spite buildings here before, but it doesn't look like it. This is an article showing several examples of these buildings built to annoy others, usually by blocking views.

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They're not selling your data. It's much worse...

Note: playing video here allows YouTube to track you. View on YouTube or Invidious (tracking-free).

A great explanation of real time bidding and how your personal information does get shared by google (and many others) with thousands of third-parties, some in China and Russia. Whatever sneaky language they use to reassure you, this is the reality of the online advertising world.

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The inside story of Chernobyl during the Russian occupation.

The Russian troops had expected their “special operation” to be brief. Soldiers had brought scant supplies: one admitted that he’d packed only a single uniform, because he thought he was on a training exercise. Some asked Semenov where they could buy cigarettes. “They said, ‘Why are there no shops near here?’ I said, ‘This is a restricted zone!’ They didn’t understand where they were.”

Great read about Chernobyl under Russian occupation during the recent invasion. Where senior staff had to keep up quite a balancing act in order to save lives and avoid disaster.

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