Apple Switch Ad: Ellen Feiss (mirror - quicktime)

Reportedly, this Ellen Feiss switch ad from Apple was like, uh, pulled because she was too, uh, stoned. Bummer!

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True Twin Peaks.

This story is eerily similar to that of Twin Peak's Laura Palmer. (thanks John)

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Ebay: haunted doll auction

Haunted doll up for auction on Ebay, including spooky video footage.

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Acno's Energizer.

Here's a neat little flash game, you can even build your own levels.

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Coca Cola: Murder, it’s the real thing.

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Moscow's Intourist Hotel.

Moscow's Intourist Hotel, one of the most reviled blocks of concrete in the city; home of sleaze, sloppiness and surly suspicion, will shortly be demolished. Here are some pictures (note the contrast between the article and the hotel's official description).

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