The forgotten history of the blinking cursor.

The ubiquitous blinking cursor that we all see without seeing has a long history. It's probably one of the oldest remnants of historical computing that's still there today.

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Susy Thunder. The notorious phone phreaker that vanished.

A fascinating look at the story of Susy Thunder, a phone phreaker, social engineer and many other things.

In the early ’80s, Susan and her friends pulled increasingly elaborate phone scams until they nearly shut down phone service for the entire city. As two of her friends, Kevin Mitnick and Lewis DePayne, were being convicted for cybercrime, she made an appearance on 20/20, demonstrating their tradecraft to Geraldo Rivera. Riding her celebrity, she went briefly legit, testifying before the US Senate and making appearances at security conventions, spouting technobabble in cowboy boots and tie-dye. Then, without a trace, she left the world behind.
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The Problem With NFTs, Web 3, and all that folly.

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If you've been confused about the NFT hype, this well-researched video might help. It might also confuse you more. There's a lot to digest but it's really worth a watch. The running time is over 2 hours though, so stick it in your "watch later" queue and get to it when you have some down time.

The whole thing is even more bonkers than I thought.

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Waste is central to everything we design.

The problem is that waste has always been a marginal issue, both literally and figuratively. It has been dumped in and on the peripheries, consigned to that mythical place called ‘away’. It has always been an ‘externality’, an unavoidable byproduct of necessary industrialisation. But it is now an internality – internal to every ecosystem and every digestive system from marine micro-organisms to humans.

A great article on our throwaway culture and the central position of waste in it all. This generated waste is, basically, the metabolism behind economic growth.

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Jackie Chan, the king of action comedy.

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Some filmmakers can do action, others can do comedy. And this video shows why Jackie Chan is one of the rare people to combine them well.

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Facebook app tracks iPhone movements.

Because they aren't creepy enough, Facebook have been found to be using the accelerometer on iPhones to track all their owners' movements. Just delete your account.

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