Who killed the weekend?

I see so many people intent on cramming something into every hour of their weekend as if doing nothing was an admission of slothfulness. And if they have kids, they push that culture onto them too. You need margins, kids need them even more. Minds need to wander a little.

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How William Gibson keeps his science fiction real.

a Gibsonian apocalypse: the end of the world is already here; it’s just not very evenly distributed.

Brilliant interview with William Gibson.

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Introducing the idea of ‘hyperobjects’

It’s like being inside the gigantic worm in The Empire Strikes Back. For a while, you can kid yourself that you’re not inside a gigantic worm, until it starts digesting you. Because the worm is “everywhere” in your field of vision, you can’t really tell the difference between it and the surface of the asteroid you think you landed on.

I really like this term "hyperobject" used to describe things you can mentally picture or think about but can't see as such. Like, for example, climate change.

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You’re reading this because you’re addicted to information.

Roughly 45 minutes into an online search for a vegetable peeler, I looked away from my screen to realize the kitchen had grown dark and the day turned to night. I thought to myself, this is a problem.

This feels exceedingly familiar.

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FlixTrain’s arrival in Belgium will not be opposed by SNCB.

With regard to my recent link to a post about high speed trains having negative effects on rail travel, it looks like a standard rail link may be coming back between Brussels and Paris thanks to low-cost German operator Flixtrain.

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That Tesla #cybertruck looks perfect for driving across the post-climate-apocalypse landscape while fighting for the last remaining lithium on the planet.

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