A shrine to toast

Yes, some people really have too much time on their hands. Laurie McLelland presents her Shrine to Toast. It works, I have a sudden craving for toast and marmalade. Damn you Laurie!

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MOJO wire: The Drug War Comes to the Rez

Alex White Plume planted a field full of industrial-grade
hemp, in an attempt to bring his family and community out of poverty. The DEA didn’t agree and cut down his "field of dreams" Looks like another example of the US Government’s two-faced relationship with Indian communities.

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Vincent Gallo signs to Warp.

Actor Vincent Gallo, of Buffalo 66 fame has just signed with Warp records on the merits of the score he composed for that film.

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Rocket Powered Mice.

Rocket Powered Mice has updated: beautiful and intelligent use of Flash.

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The Be Aura platform.

The whole internet appliance thing has kind of floated right over my head, but Be's Aura, a reference platform for a networkable, Be-based home stereo, is something else.

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Tax on cable I don't have.

I received a letter from the tax people this morning asking me to pay the TV tax because they noticed I was subscribed to cable TV.

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