Thermonuclear humour.

Beautiful! The thermonuclear device plans left behind by the Taliban were in fact extracted from a late seventies humour newsletter called The Journal of Irreproducible Results. (via the null device)

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Not in my name.

After seeing a poster in a window close to my apartment, I did a bit of web searching and found this: Not in my name, a site by Jews who can no longer tolerate and will no longer remain silent about Israeli government brutality against Palestinians.

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Lego Monty Python.

The Lego screening room is showing Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail and many other features.

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Fake journalist assassins.

The assassins of commander Chah Messaoud seem to have been Moroccans living in Belgium who passed themselves off as journalists. Once again, Osama Bin Laden is suspected as the sleeping partner in this crime. Read the detailed account of this story and how the international islamic organisations recruit and train.

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Shots fired in Brussels.

I was at a client's this evening, when suddenly a loud bang in the street attracted our attention. We looked out the window just in time to see two men of middle-eastern appearance running past at high speed.

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The Internet Film Festival starts today in Lille, France. Looks interesting.

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