SMH: Internet marks 20th birthday

Oh, and happy new year to you all by the way and a happy birthday to TCP/IP too!

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Fairvue Central: Features - Third Annual Weblog Awards

The 2003 weblog awards are taking votes. My head hurts just reading all the categories.

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Make your own Bush speech. (thanks Samuel)

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Stay Invisible: Free Public Proxy Servers List

If you want to surf anonymously, here’s the perfect information resource for you: a list of public HTTP proxy servers that’s updated daily.

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Apple Switch Ad: Ellen Feiss (mirror - quicktime)

Reportedly, this Ellen Feiss switch ad from Apple was like, uh, pulled because she was too, uh, stoned. Bummer!

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True Twin Peaks.

This story is eerily similar to that of Twin Peak's Laura Palmer. (thanks John)

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