Ronald found destroyed in Pioneer Park.

Ronald McDonald has been found hanging from a tree. Sadly it was just a prank and not an act of self-destruction by the clown himself when he realized the unhealthy habits he was promoting to children. Even worse is the fact he was stolen from "Ronald McDonald House, the non-profit organization that uses the well-known clown image as a symbol of its work with children and families." The hypocrisy of McDonalds never ceases to amaze me.

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Cinema Novo Festival.

Cinema Novo looks like an interesting film festival in the making. Too bad it’s in Bruges and practically at the same time as the fantasy film festival in Brussels.

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Spite your face productions.

Spite your face productions show off their absolutely incredible lego movies, including One: a space odyssey, a tribute to Kubrick’s 2001 and All of the dead, the one and only lego zombie movie.

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La trace du hourra.

Parc Asterix have unveiled their new bobsleigh "La trace du hourra". 3 weeks to go.

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Thai Elephant Orchestra

Forget two-step, nu-skool breaks or drum & bass, the next big thing will be the Thai Elephant Orchestra. (thanks Dimitri!)

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Boys will be boys... but Jane is spending $12m to find out why.

Jane Fonda has donated $12.5 million for the establishment of a Centre for Gender and Education at Harvard University. It’s principal aim is breaking down the stereotypes that divide boys and girls.

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