German police arrest blind driver

According to the Press Association this week police in Mainz, Germany, arrested a blind man for driving a car along the city's main street. The blind man explained he had always wanted to give driving a try. He realised the dangers but kept things safe by 'driving a couple of feet at a time, stopping, getting out and walking around the car checking for obstacles'.

There's plenty more like this at the BBC's Planet Tabloid page.

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Erik Estrada has a fan site

You haven't surfed the net if you haven't visited the official Erik Estrada fan site.

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Hunter S. Thompson at ESPN

I have absolutely no interest in sport, but with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson writing a column for ESPN, I may suddenly acquire a taste for it.

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HTML email tracks you

With the ever-increasing use of HTML email, senders can embed images into their emails. These can then be loaded from a remote web server or attached directly to email. When images are remote, they can be tagged by the sender to know who, exactly, opened the message and when. Giving them, in effect, a return-receipt capability that can't be disabled by the recipient. Here's a safe demonstration of this concept. Luckily, I loathe HTML email so I have it disabled anyway.

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Rectal foreign bodies?

Rectal Foreign Bodies - need I say more?

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Compare Belgian phone operators

French telecommunications comparison site Comparatel has just launched the Belgian version of their service. You can use it to compare telephony operator costs or internet service providers. Let's hope the opening of the local loop to competition in 2001 pushes prices, other than for international calls, right down.

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