Gays 'fearful' in Namibia.

Namibia takes a giant leap backwards and orders police to arrest homosexuals. I guess they’ll be blowing up statues next.

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Baby think it over.

Baby, think it over. You might end up with a drug-affected baby.

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Man Beef: catering to the sophisticated human meat consumer.

With foot and mouth disease spreading over Europe and causing chaos, why not choose an alternative meat? The next time you have guests over for dinner, serve them a plate of man beef.

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Coke on tap at home.

It had to happen: Americans will soon be able to get Coke on tap in their homes. Tooth decay here we come.

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Why the Apple Newton Failed.

Why the Apple Newton failed. Such a shame, it’s an incredible device, still way ahead of other PDAs in some areas, like handwriting recognition. I’m still using a Messagepad 2100, as the self-respecting apple-geek that I am. I’ll probably switch to another PDA one day, but nothing has come close yet. found via Camworld

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An example of terminal: the Hi-Muse.

Here’s an interesting gadget/prototype: The Hi-Muse [archive link] is a Hi-Fi product entirely dedicated to audio. It looks like a micro Hi-Fi system with a large touch screen, a CD player, a hard drive and direct access to the Web. It can be connected to your existing audio system or used as a USB or Ethernet peripheral in your computer system.

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