Rocket Powered Mice.

Rocket Powered Mice has updated: beautiful and intelligent use of Flash.

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The Be Aura platform.

The whole internet appliance thing has kind of floated right over my head, but Be's Aura, a reference platform for a networkable, Be-based home stereo, is something else.

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Tax on cable I don't have.

I received a letter from the tax people this morning asking me to pay the TV tax because they noticed I was subscribed to cable TV.

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Linux on Dreamcast.

There's a Linux distribution for the Sega Dreamcast console. I'm speechless.

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Police keep criminals posted.

The British police have a cynical sense of humour.

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Theme park work.

Talking of theme parcs getting ready for the next season: Heide Park in Germany is busy building the biggest wooden coaster in Europe and you can watch the construction via their webcam. Meanwhile, Parc Asterix in France is building a Mack Bobsleigh ride which also has a viewable construction site.

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