Bringing Back "Battlestar Galactica".

Battlestar Galactica is coming back as a TV series, in much the same way as Star Trek was reinvented. The culprit is Usual Suspects/X-Men director, Bryan Singer and not Richard Hatch, who played Apollo in the original series and has been petitioning the studios to bring the series back to TV screens for quite a while now.

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Vegetarian Recipe. offers a comprehensive list of, you guessed it, vegetarian recipes. With lots of nice little details like the possibility of converting quantities to metric and keeping a personal recipe list. So after browsing through there, I’m off to do some shopping!

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Big brother at the commission.

Europe doesn’t need to worry about echelon, the NSA already has a nice and comfy seat from where it can watch everything happening within the European commission. They’re buddies with the guy in charge of communications encryption. Priceless…

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What women want.

So I finally used that free ticket to go and see What women want. And what do they want? For everyone to stay rigidly stuck in their gender roles. It’s fluff, but watchable fluff (when it’s free anyway).

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Zoophile's father sentenced.

Father attempts to kill his zoophile son with a crowbar. Can things get stranger?

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Official Planet of the Apes trailer.

The official Planet of the Apes trailer is now online at Apple’s Quicktime site.

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