Opera 5 for Mac Technology Preview 1 to be Released on Thursday

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Upcoming 'Star Wars' explores new territory.

The upcoming Star Wars movie will feature computer generated characters in lead roles. Not sure that’s a great idea. Jar Jar Binks anyone?

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Poor CD sales blamed on Napster

The recording industry is blaming Napster for poor CD sales. How about blaming it on incredibly high retail prices?

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Vincent Gallo signs to Warp.

Actor Vincent Gallo, of Buffalo 66 fame has just signed with Warp records on the merits of the score he composed for that film.

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Rocket Powered Mice.

Rocket Powered Mice has updated: beautiful and intelligent use of Flash.

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The Be Aura platform.

The whole internet appliance thing has kind of floated right over my head, but Be's Aura, a reference platform for a networkable, Be-based home stereo, is something else.

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