Cheesy Jesus

No inspiration for Christmas presents this year? The Cheesy Jesus online store has something for everyone.

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Grocer invents gun with no moving parts

Australian grocery wholesaler Mike O'Dwyer has invented a gun with no moving parts that can fire one million rounds per minute, compared to actual guns where the fastest one 'only' fires 6000 rounds per minute. I can't say the invention of new ways for killing people overjoys me, but the technology does impress me.

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P2P explained

The Red Herring features a no-nonsense article about P2P networking that cuts through the hype. Well worth reading.

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German police arrest blind driver

According to the Press Association this week police in Mainz, Germany, arrested a blind man for driving a car along the city's main street. The blind man explained he had always wanted to give driving a try. He realised the dangers but kept things safe by 'driving a couple of feet at a time, stopping, getting out and walking around the car checking for obstacles'.

There's plenty more like this at the BBC's Planet Tabloid page.

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Erik Estrada has a fan site

You haven't surfed the net if you haven't visited the official Erik Estrada fan site.

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Hunter S. Thompson at ESPN

I have absolutely no interest in sport, but with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson writing a column for ESPN, I may suddenly acquire a taste for it.

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